How to Play and Win Roulette

The popular casino game of roulette comes mainly in two versions, and their variation is based on the difference in the roulette wheel each of them uses.

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Different online casinos can present their own types of roulette games, but they will just be variants of the two main ones – the American and the European roulette. Now – is the American version set to be played from the US, and the European one from only the European countries? No, this is not the case. Of course, Americans do enjoy playing roulette just like Europeans do, and if truth be told, they are not the only ones that enjoy the game, let alone being good at it. The difference between the two main roulette versions lies in the roulette wheel.


American Roulette Wheel Has a Double Zero

American Roulette WheelIt is true Americans are fond of American roulette, with its double zero that gives the casino a greater edge than European roulette. That does not mean they like losing – no. If you look at the roulette wheel of the American version of the game, you will notice there are two zeros in the space with a beautiful green color. Other divisions of the wheel are numbered 1 – 36. In total, therefore, the divisions on the wheel are 38. Unfortunately, the house edge is higher in this game than in European roulette, standing at 5.26%.

Since there will be a ball being swung around by the roulette wheel when the game begins, on which number is it likely to land? That is normally the question on each player’s mind, and you, obviously, pray that the ball lands on a number you put your bet on.


How The Dealer In Roulette Works

As the game begins, the dealer lets you make your bets first, and after indicating the end of the betting session, the same dealer pushes the wheel in one direction, while spinning the ball right in the opposite direction. These conflicting movements find the roulette ball not finding its settling space easily. Nevertheless, as the roulette wheel slows down, the ball’s motions also slow down, and it finally settles in one of the wheel’s numbered pockets. If your bet corresponds to the number in that pocket, you are an instant winner, and you can expect the dealer to pay you right away.


Roulette Chips are Different from Casino Chips

Roulette ChipsEven if you have purchased your casino chips, you need to swap them for specific roulette chips as you sit at your chosen roulette table. This is the case whether the game is American or European, as the types of chips has nothing to do with the game’s roulette wheel. In fact, were it not for the numbering, wheels in both the American and European versions of roulette are similar in design and virtually everything else.


European Roulette Wheel Has a Single Zero

European Roulette WheelIt is true the European version of roulette has a single zero, and this translates to a reduced house edge. When the casino has a lower edge against you, it means your chances of winning at your roulette game is higher.

It is primarily for this reason that gamers in European countries prefer to stick to their game, rather than play American roulette that gives the house a bigger edge against the players. Statistically, European roulette gives the house a mere 2.63% edge. The divisions on the roulette wheel are 37 in total, with one of them being occupied by the single zero. The rest of the divisions are labeled 1 – 36.

In both versions of roulette, the divisions on the wheel are colored black and red in an alternate manner. In the European version of the game, the division where the zero lies is colored a beautiful green just as in the American version.


How to Increase your Chances of Winning in Roulette

Play from a reputable online casino

We really do not need to elaborate this point as it is self explanatory. You are going to lose more times than you care to count if you play from a casino run by unscrupulous people. Who says they cannot discreetly tamper with the roulette structures so that the ball does not move freely?

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Choose the version that gives you advantage

Have we noted the house has a bigger edge when the game is American roulette? Why would you then wish to go for it? Would you not be better off playing European roulette whose house edge is much slimmer?

Take chances on the outside bets.

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You may bet on red or black, whichever pleases you, odd or even numbers and the rest, as long as they are outside bets. Is it where you are likely to win big? Well, not necessarily – but you lose less often. Irrespective of which roulette wheel you have opted for, when you play outside bets, you keep winning and winning; and those marginal wins gradually make up respectable sums of money.

Go for the games with ‘surrender’

Sometimes what you see is ‘en prison’ in place of ‘surrender’, and the long and short of it is that if you bet and win, you do not end up losing your entire amount of money held by your bet, but you only lose half of it. How wonderful! Is the other half returned to you? Yes and no. Yes, because regardless of the game version you have selected – one-zero or double-zero roulette wheel – you will be able to access that half of your bet for additional play. And no because the money you cannot access that money for withdrawal. When you hear of the even-money bets, these are the ones. Go for them.

Play leisurely

Play leisurely

In roulette, as in most other games, you win more when you are relaxed at the game than when you are tense and anxious.

Sit out sometimes

You reduce your chances of losing when you let a betting chance pass. Do not think of it as passing a winning chance, because chances of winning in roulette are basically random, whether the roulette wheel is a single zero or a double zero one.