Online Casinos Accepting Debit Cards in India

Using a debit card for your casino transactions is a good idea. It is also fast. Luckily, there is no shortage of online casinos accepting debit cards in India.

Best Debit Cards for Casinos

visa and mastercardWhat is a debit card in the first place? Well, it is that card that you link to your bank checking account, the one that looks almost like a credit card. In fact, virtually all outlets that accept credit cards accept debit cards as well. Even when it comes to online casinos accepting debit cards in India, they are normally those that also accept credit cards.

Just for a little accounting, when you use your debit card, you are essentially looking at a loaded bank account – there is some money lying there waiting for you to use it. On the other hand, when you use your credit card, you are comfortable that even if your bank account falls short of money, your bank will still fund your transactions and you can make up for the deficit later. Anyway, for today, we are looking at online casinos accepting debit cards in India; those saying – hey, here we want you to spend only what you have.

Just to make it clearer, debit cards have associations with big credit card companies, and they usually bear such logos as VISA or MasterCard. They are secure because for them to release funds for use you must prove you have the right PIN; one you personally created and keep secret.

Indian Casinos Accepting Debit Cards

If you are wondering if there are online casinos accepting debit cards in India, the answer is yes. Try those ones you know accept credit cards, and they will, very likely, be accepting debit cards as well. However, we can give you a few names for starters, and they include Royal Panda, Betway, Yeti Casino, Jackpot City and Spin Palace. Many of these casinos even accept payment in Indian Rupees, and if you wish, they also pay you in the local currency.

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Let me give you an idea how payment transactions take place when you are playing at online casinos accepting debit cards in India. You initiate payment at the casino, the merchant associated with your debit card freezes the amount of money you have specified although it is lying in your account, and subsequently the same merchant releases that amount to your bank indicating you have spent it.

Indian Rupees casinosThat is why even if you play casino games at night when you are in Mumbai, Delhi or whatever other Indian location and pay for them using your debit card, the bank will immediately indicate the money is either gone or not available for use. This happens notwithstanding the fact that the bank employees are asleep when you make the casino payments. After a couple of hours or days, depending on the merchant involved, your casino transactions will reflect as cleared on your bank account details. Debit cards are widely used across the globe, and so online casinos accepting debit cards in India only serve to make the players’ casino experience even better.