Online Casino: Best Winning Strategies

Moving with a plan is the best way to get to the right place. If you want to know how to win in casino games, learn the general and specific game strategies.

Ever heard of a school where they teach how to win in casino games? It probably would beat every other school in enrollment if it existed. Without a doubt, it is every player’s prayer to win and win big in casino games. But does everyone win? No. In fact, a good number of people lose over and over again, and some keep returning, hoping that one day they will be the carriers of the big jackpot. Still others give up entirely on casino games.

Erode the House Edge

online casino how to win

In online casinos, you do not see any player seated next to you trying to beat you at the casino table. Against whom do you play then, since you are not always winning? Well, you play against the house – the casino itself. In most casino games, the house edge is pre-set, the reason casinos hardly operate at a loss. If after learning how casinos work and how to win in casino games you still hear a casino that has gone bankrupt, just know there was human interference somewhere along the line. And if you think that interference was legit, you are lost.

Anyway, the whole idea here is to learn how to raise your chances of winning in every game, and that essentially means reducing the casino’s chances of beating you. For instance, in the game of roulette, the house edge is known to be 5.26% although this can be halved depending on the version you are playing. However, there are strategies you can follow and find yourself winning against the house over and over, leaving other players to contribute to the house winning.

Casino Tricks Making for Good Strategies

1. When playing baccarat, take chances on the banker

Baccarat take chances on the banker

If you want to know how to win in casino games, think of the strategies specific to a game. Although common sense works in all games and the significance of luck in winning cannot be ignored, it helps a great deal when you are able to master working strategies for specific games.

In the case of baccarat, for example, the best strategy is to take your bet on the banker. The advantage you have when you do this is lowering the house edge, and this, obviously, improves your chances of winning at the table. The house edge a banker bet has is just a little over 1%.

2. Go slow on slot machines

Go slow on slot machines

Slots are great casino games and you need to learn how to win in casino slots, but you need to keep in mind that slots have arguably the highest house edge. One of the things you probably like about slots is that you can make many spins within a single hour; sometimes over 300. However, what you see as an advantage can turn out to be your undoing in your attempt to win big money.

Remember every time you want to spin you have to make a decision – one that could be good for you or bad for you. A scenario where you need to make numerous decisions in a short span with the house having a big edge against you puts you at a significant risk of losing money.

3. In Texas Hold’em, fewer hands are encouraged

Texas Hold’em

The casino is the home to very many betting games, and Texas Hold’em is one of them. The best strategy in this game is to play fewer hands than you would in other games. Just ensure you play good starting hands, and you stand a better chance of winning right at the beginning of the game.

4. In roulette, play with single zero wheels

roulette single zero wheel

It is easy to see how to win in casino roulette by selecting a wheel with only one zero. The main reason is that single zero roulette wheels give the house a much bigger edge than single zero wheels. With the double zero roulette wheels, the house edge can be as high as 5.2% and over, while the house edge halves with the single wheel.

5. Try bluffing less

Try bluffing less

You know those games where it is alright to bluff? It is not just the bluff card game, you know, where players do bluff without causing a scene… There are other games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 7 card stud. If you are serious about learning how to win in casino games like these, for goodness sake, do tone down your bluffing. That way, when you really do bluff, your move is likely to bear fruit. Very likely, your wins will be more frequent than when you make bluffing your regular mode of play.

6. Have a go at tournaments

Have a go at tournaments

When casinos organize tournaments for poker and other games like slots or blackjack, they set aside attractive prizes that you hardly see in regular play. It would be good for you if you took interest and actually participated in these tournaments, because payouts are well structured.

Remember the reason you want to know how to win in casino games is so as to make reasonable amounts of money, if not win jackpots. Again, if you recall, in many online casino games, you find yourself playing against the house whereby there are preset odds.

In a tournament, there is normally a pool of money from where your prizes are drawn, so the casino is not keen on suppressing your winning rate. Whatever amount of money you win means less for other participating players, and not less money for the casino. If you become a regular at casino tournaments, you will find yourself spending less and winning more as compared to when you play for money in a haphazard manner. In other days, you can spend less and take advantage of free spins, bonuses and so on to hone your gaming skills.